Corvallis Co Electricians is a locally owned family business that provides electrical services to both residential and commercial properties. We aim for consistency, reliability, and dependability in all aspects of our work. Our goal is for you to have such an excellent experience with us that you will request our services for any future electrical projects or issues you may encounter. We aspire to be the best electricians in the greater Corvallis area.

our mission is to help people with their electrical needs
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We at Corvallis Co Electricians have a simple step by step process for solving your electrical problems and creating sustainable solutions. No more worrying if you're paying extra for unnecessary work. Our professionals will explain everything before the job begins.


We will listen to you in order to determine the reason for your call as well as your desired outcome.

An in-depth system evaluation will be performed and you will receive a clear and concise explanation with any relevant information. We will work with you to determine the desired outcome and come up with a solution and explain exactly why and how we will execute the work. 

You will be provided with a free estimate prior to the actual work starting so you will know exactly what you are paying for.

We always finish what we start.  We will verify the system’s full functionality and performance in order to ensure that it will continue to perform for you long after the job is finished. 

Lastly, we make sure to clean up after ourselves and leave you feeling good about your decision. We place a great deal of importance on customer satisfaction because we understand the value of good relationships.

We are always extremely happy and grateful for all our customers who choose to work with us. 


Finally, we check to clean up after ourselves to leave you pleased with your choice.

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